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trainingmonkeys staff-app

Post by trainingmonkeys on Mon May 29, 2017 7:22 pm

Steam: trainingmonkeys

Age: 17

Mic: yes

Gender: Male

Position ?: any

Why you want this position? I take DarkRP very seriosuly and want the server to be a friendly fun environment to regulars and new comers. I'm a very cool and calm person who respects everyone as they should. I know some ULX commands off by heart. I'm a very experienced DarkRP player, and always follow Servers Rules. I would love to help out this server and get a lot of great people to join it. I look forward from hearing you.
How long have you been playing Gmod/DarkRp? I've been playing Garrys mod for a total of 512 hours and DarkRP for roughly 450 Hours.

How often will i be on? few days each week


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